Guimarães is one of the most accessible Portuguese cities to live and study in.

The life cost for a student that is under a period of studies at Universidade do Minho depends on various factors, from the type of lodging found to the fact of cooking at home versus eating out. At any rate, the approximate cost may be about 400 to 500 euros a month.

Therefore, we present the approximate costs of some assets and services in Guimarães.

Cantina meal2,50€
Economical meal at a restaurant5€ – 10€
Milk0,64€ (liter)
Eggs0,70€ – 1,10€ (half a dozen)
Rice0,70€ – 2€ (kg)
Sugar0,85€ (kg)
Apples1,20€ – 2€ (kg)
Coffee0,50€ – 0,60€
1 Printing0,03€
Movie ticket6,80€
Public Transport1,70€
Public Transport Monthly Pass47,60€
Train ticket Between Braga/Porto3,10€
Train ticket between Guimarães/Porto 3,10€
Train ticket between Lisboa/Porto24,30€ – 35,9€
Individual Bedroom/month150€ - 180€ (more electricity, water and gas costs)
Double Bedroom/month100€ - 130€ (more electricity, water and gas costs)