Here are some financial or fellowship alternatives for your enrollment

See the different options of financing through fellowships by clicking on the images below for more detailed information.

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Bank options

Find below several bank finance options

CGD Credit
(More informations here)
The Caixa’s Training Credit is a loan to help finance training in Portugal, so that you may invest in yourself and your future without major concerns. It finances your training expenses up to 100% and you may start paying in 6 months after you finish the degree.

  • Exemption from study commission and contracting billing (protocol between Caixa and the University)
  • During the attendance of the degree, and up to three years after finishing, you only pay the interest
  • Tax indexed to Euribor
  • Capital payment after the degree’s conclusion
  • Large refund deadlines

Montepio Credit
(More information here)
Montepio Training Credit is a student loan from short and/or medium range to satisfy the training needs. It finances your expenses up to 100% and you may begin to pay the benefits after you finish the degree.

  • Takes charge of all expenses and charges
  • Different amortization modalities, loans and interest rate
  • Preferential terms for Associated Clients
  • Financing up to 100%of the training expenses
  • Maximum deadline up to 10 years
  • Possibility of only beginning to pay 6 months after finishing the degree

Santander Totta Credit
(More information here)
Santander Totta credits destined to financing superior degrees, post-graduation and doctorates.

  • Spread may be reduced, at the contracting moment, according to the grade average in the previous year.
  • Shortage period up to 24, from which only interest are paid.
  • Euribor indexed rate.
  • Isention from formalize fee

Millennium BCP Credit
(More information here)

FCT Fellowships

Foundation for Science and Technology   

Scientists from all nationalities may apply to FCT for funding.

Studentships and Fellowships (More informations here)

FCT PhD Programmes

Research-based PhD programmes, set up by higher education institutions (HEI), R&D Centres and/or industry. FCT wishes to contribute to train the next generation of highly qualified researchers and higher education faculty by supporting internationally competitive, research-based PhD Programmes. FCT PhD Programmes are expected to bring together higher education institutions (HEI), research institutions and industry (when relevant), to:

  • Promote world-class graduate education and research-based training;
  • Foster collaborations and sharing of resources between Portuguese institutions, to bolster the international quality and status of these institutions;
  • Equip students with the necessary transferable skills to become excellent scientists as well as active members of the communities they may find themselves in.

FCT PhD Programmes may be one of three types:

  1. National – should involve at least one HEI and one research institution (both Portuguese);
  2. With Industry – should involve at least one research institution, one industrial R&D partner, and one Portuguese HEI;
  3. International – should involve at least one HEI and one research institution (both Portuguese) and an overseas HEI or R&D institution.

Funding for FCT PhD Programmes covers the costs of:

  • PhD studentships (national or mixed), for three or four years maximum, and/or Bolsas de Investigação Científica (BIC), for a maximum duration of one year;
  • Courses, laboratory rotations or other types of field work that may be necessary to achieve the scientific aims of the PhD programme.

Selected PhD programmes are funded for four years. Further funding is conditional on a decision by FCT, based on reports by the FCT PhD Programmes Evaluation Committee.