Life in campus

The existing life conditions in Universidade do Minho are very well regarded – by students, teachers and external entities/visitors – and its due to various factors, not always of a physical nature.

The concern with good reception and proper integration of new students is very important, and there is an ample awareness of older student towards this issue, as well as a series of initiatives – such as visits, welcoming sessions, and others – that ease the student’s entry in university environment. It is also aimed that the teacher-student relationship be a close and open one, for it is understood that this type of relationship contributes, in a decisive way, for a better learning.

In this context, the cultural, associative and sportive activities developed by the students through degree’s associations, tunas, theater groups, popular music, poetry and fado, amongst many others, stand out. The Minho’s Academic Association organizes major academic events, standing out the Welcoming Week to new students and the week of Enterro da Gata.

Psychological and medical support is also available to students, as well as the access to over 40 sports, such has aerobics, bodybuilding, athletics, basketball, horsemanship, soccer, judo, scaling, swimming, water polo, rugby, tenis, karting, etc.


The Food Department holds all food units, that support the university populace, in Braga and Guimarães’s poles.
Besides the services rendered to the students, teachers and employees, the Food Department also aims, according to paragraph a) in nº 2 of the 17th article of the law decree 129/93, from 22nd April, to make the facilities available and  render complementary services, in accordance to adequate financial countermeasures.
This department’s objective is, fundamentally, to serve quality subsidized meals, which price to pay by the customer is fixed at 2,50 euros, in units designated canteen. Besides this, the services provide other spaces for alternative meals, such as the Panoramic Restaurant, Grill Unites, Non-Subsidized ramp service, and quick meals at the bars.

The Universidade do Minho’s Social Action Services meal services aim to provide services at lower prices that the ones at similar private organizations, although, not forgetting the main objective to satisfy the users. All activity is based on the continued improvement of the services and meal’s quality.

Universidade do Minho’s Social Action Services hold 4 Food Complexes, 3 of them being based in Braga (Gualtar, Santa Tecla and Edificio dos Congrgados, at the center of the city), and 1 in Guimarães’s polo, in Azurém. Gualtar’s complex has 6 bars at the user’s service and another exclusive for the teachers; a canteen, a grill and a restaurant. Santa Tecla’s complex has a Canteen and a bar. At the Edificio dos Congregados, the Services have a working Snack-Bar that provides subsidized meals at lunch.

cantina2In Azurém, the complex has 3 bars, a canteen that includes a non-subsidized meals ramp as an alternative, a grill and an additional bar of exclusive support to the canteen. Azurém also has a bar at the university Residences.

The Food Department also has the capability to provide support to congresses, colloquium or other services that the university community or civil society’s entities request, without lucrative ends.

The management of food units, more than just implementing norms that allow rigor in the use of goods, continuously monitors hygiene and food safety. To that end, there is a contract with a specialized company that supports the Food Department in ensuring the application Food Safety and Hygiene norms. This support includes a monthly audit to each unit of the Department, covering all food control areas, including the microbiological analysis of meals.

The SASUM (Universidade do Minho’s Social Action Services) are certified for the requisites from the Norms NP EN ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008,in the Food Department units.