My motivation for attending PDTSI arose from my background regarding the informatic field, with focus on Software Engineering and Information Systems. Thus, attending a program in a long-time recognized excellence teaching institution as Universidade do Minho, in the fields of computer science and information technology was a natural motivation for this application. The Teacher’s vast scientific curriculum and experience in R&D projects, and the several partnerships of the DSI with industry and enterprises were also beneficial.

So far, as a first year student, the experience has been very positive. In classes, we learned all the research methods and techniques needed to properly perform my research, as well as explored new concepts and research trends within the area of IST.

I expect that the degree of doctorate at IST will bring competences that I can use in enterprises. First, due to the partnership between industry and the department, to have the knowledge of what industry needs. Secondly, the opportunity to develop new approaches that are suitable for the IT market.

Nuno Santos

While searching for an experience at the international level, I chose the Doctorate in Information Systems and Technologies at Universidade do Minho, for it being a prestiged institution at a national and international level.

The faculty, with all their experience, also contributed for this choice. With the first year completed, the class attendance, the participation at events and the sharing of personal experiences amongst colleagues has contributed for the research assignment.

I believe the Doctorate may bring knowledge and new skills to perform in the work market.

Fernanda Bigolin – Brasil

Internationalization, scientific learning in the field of Information Systems, personal and professional growth, new social, cultural and scientific perspectives. These are many of the aspects I bring out as motivation to cross the Atlantic in search of new knowledge.

The Doctoral Program in Information Systems and Technologies from the Engineering School at Universidade do Minho attends all these aspects with praise, simplicity, quality and competence by providing the researchers a quality environment to perform studies/researches.

The cultural, professional, linguistic Heterogeneity from the teachers and colleagues; the representation and international openness with the other universities, enterprises and professionals around the world; the degrees and lectures with worldly renowned professionals in the field of Information Systems are contributions that support my professional and research growth in the fields I perform and even in future correlated fields.

Victor Barros – Brasil

My name is Irving Reascos Paredes, I attend the Universidad Técnica del Norte, in Ecuador. I have come to the Universidade do Minho to perform the Doctorate Program in Information Systems and Technologies sponsored by my University.

I have excellent references regarding Universidade do Minho at Ecuador through colleagues and through it’s webpage, reason why I was motivated to present my application at the Doctorate’s Program.

Regarding the living at the University, at Guimarães city, it is very welcoming, with much history and its people are very kind and charming.

To sum it up, I am very pleased with this University

Irving Reascos – Equador

The PDTSI from University of Minho is a high level doctoral course, aimed specifically at the area of Information Systems, what makes it be different in relation to the Market.

As a student, my experience has been excellent and surprising because the course really offers everything what I need for a scientific work with specific focus on IS, besides offering several opportunities on conferences, publications, seminars and lectures of the Highest Quality.

I strongly recommend the PDTSI as an excellence course in the area of Information Systems for who wants graduating as doctor and develop scientific works.

Teófilo Branco Jr. – Brasil