To whom may interest the Doctorate’s Program in TSI?

People who are considered as PDTSI potential candidates:

  • University teachers who teach at a University Teaching level or a Polytechnic Higher Teaching level to whom the acquisition of a Doctor’s degree is considered in the respective career status.
  • Recent graduates (masters) interested in beginning a research career, planning to eventually integrate in an academic career but without any link to any superior teaching institution or research and development institution. The availability of conditions necessary for its involvement in doctorate’s assignments may depend on the acquisition of an research scholarship or its hiring as “research assistants” for the current R&D projects.
  • Professionals in the field of information systems or technologies or similar fields, fit into companies or other institutions (named public administration institutions), that develop functions fit or fitting in R&D activities that view the development of new products, the identification of new business opportunities, the improvement of organizational performance or the validation of new organizational practices. Being that the companies and institutions are benefiting from these assignments, it is expected that they warrant the conditions necessary to complete the doctorate’s work (be it in time to dedicate to this work or to some means for its execution). It is expected that the doctorate’s project have restrictions regarding the divulging of results and to its intellectual property.
  • Professionals in the field of information systems and technologies or similar fields, fit into companies or other institutions (namely the public administration institutions) that, once finished the initial phase of their careers, intend to fit in a doctorate’s project the reflections and contributes that their professional experience allows them to perform. The necessary conditions for their involvement in doctorate’s assignments usually depend on the candidate’s themselves. To these different candidate profiles the gaining of a Doctor’s degree match different initial training needs and different ways of support and supervision. PDTSI has the necessary flexibility to accommodate this diversity.